Virginia Wineries

Here’s a list of all the Virginia vineyards & wineries we’ve visited. We’ve broken them down by region so that you can plan out exactly how many vineyards you can manage to visit in one trip to Virginia. Efficiency!



868 Estate Vineyards “Walk off Your Wobble” event on the day after Thanksgiving: Hike to the top of the mountain and receive free truffles! Purchased a bottle to take home. Rating: 4/5

Aspen Dale Winery – Tasting room is in an old barn and the wine tasting includes a food pairing, which is great fun and allows you to experience the full flavor of the wine. Wines were good but without the food they wouldn’t have been anything to write home about. Bottle prices were steep. Rating: 3/5

Barrel Oak Winery – Came on a rainy day during their Fall Harvest celebration. Light fare offered and you can bring your own food. Dogs are allowed and encouraged. Plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, fire pits. Wines were decent – Norton and Merlot were our favorites. Taster had only been on the job for 5 days and was pretty green but we enjoyed ourselves. Rating: 3/5

Bluemont Vineyard – Incredible view. Visited here with two friends from Ohio and had a fabulous time. Wines were wonderful. Rating: 5/5

Blue Valley Vineyards – One of the best vineyards we’ve visited in VA. Bought a bottle of Rose to take home. Incredible tasting room, wonderful views, handles large crowds well, knowledgeable tasting staff, decent prices. Rating: 5/5

Boxwood Winery – Kate came here for stop #1 on her bachelorette party. They only serve red wines and they were some of the best reds she’s ever tasted. Pricey but worth it – which we rarely say. Fairly formal tasting room, excellent service, no food but sometimes they have food trucks. Rating: 4/5

Breaux Vineyards – Visited here in 2013 and in 2014. Wines are good but this vineyard is one of the few in VA that seems more concerned with quantity over quality. You can find their wines in most grocery stores, which is great, but the small batch, craft approach gets lost. Evident in their service too. Decent service in 2013 but very poor service in 2014. Wines are good but probably won’t come back for a third time. Expect a large crowd on weekends as this is a very popular VA vineyard. Rating: 3/5

Chateau O’Brien – Most expensive tasting we’ve every done. Red and white tastings are done in separate rooms and you pay for them separately! We splurged and ended up doing both but didn’t buy anything to take home. Good wines but overpriced. Very posh and exclusive atmosphere. Rating: 3/5

Creek’s Edge Winery – They had just recently opened when we visited. We were the only guests and the owner was our taster, which was a treat. Unfortunately he spent the entire time spouting his political views and didn’t seem too interested in talking about much else. This was completely unprovoked, as Matt & I both stayed pretty quiet the whole time. Wines were fine but the entire visit was colored a bit grey due to the interesting first impression. It’s worth another visit so that we can hopefully change our rating. Pretty tasting room and decently priced. We brought our own lunch, per the usual. Rating: 2/5

Delaplane Cellars – Some of the best wine we’ve tasted in Virginia. We did a brief write up on the blog about it. They were packed but they handled it like pros. The view is lovely and the tasting room is beautiful. Floor to ceiling windows, live music and a huge bar as well as an upstairs room for their wine club members only. Rating: 4/5

Dry Mill Vineyard – Such a fun visit here! The owner was our taster and we visited on a snowy and cold winter day so the place was very quiet. We enjoyed all their wines but especially the 2010 Merlot. Rating: 5/5

Gadino Cellars We visited here Labor Day weekend 2016. It was our first year anniversary and we were spending the weekend at a B&B in Sperryville, VA. I had heard a fair amount about this vineyard so I was expecting it to be large and commercialized but it wasn’t at all. It still felt quaint and preserved the tasting experience wonderfully. I was impressed with their Petit Manseng and Matt enjoyed their Chardonnay. They also had bocce ball courts, which were a blast! Rating: 5/5

Gray Ghost Vineyards

Grey Horse Vineyards Visited here after a trail run at Prince William Forest. Packed our own lunch, the vineyard was brand spanking new and the construction wasn’t completed on the house but they were open for tastings and fairly busy, too! Lovely tasting and exceptional service. Live music. Tasting prices are a little steep but include cheese and chocolate. Would like to visit again. Rating: 4/5

Hidden Brook Vineyard – We enjoyed their white wines but were not pleased with their red wines. For the first time ever we tasted a corked bottle of wine at a tasting! The Chambourcin was definitely corked and tasted like pure vinegar. Unfortunately our taster was not educated about their wines and made it clear he would have preferred to be somewhere else that day. Not the best experience. Rating: 2/5

Hillsborough Vineyards – Day after Thanksgiving 2014 visit. Wines were good and we bought a bottle to take home. Had a great time hanging out by the fireplace, enjoying each others company and laughing. Rating: 4/5

Little Washington Winery – We had such an incredible visit here that we ended up joining their wine club. They have a unique twist at this vineyard called the ‘Dirt Road Tour’ where they showcase wines from all over the world, as well as their own wines. We were members for a year, attended their exclusive ‘Taste-Off’ event and their ‘Wine Boot Camp’ event, both of which were enjoyable. Unfortunately we had a less than desirable interaction (or lack of interaction) with the owner when we tried to get one of our wine club boxes shipped to us and we ended up leaving the wine club after that. You can read about my experience on Yelp, under Kate P. With all that in mind, this vineyard is worth a visit. They take their wine making very seriously and are extremely knowledgeable. They don’t waste time or money on gimmicks and although you won’t be impressed with the small house the tastings are held in, you will be impressed with the quality of the wines and the incredible views from the back deck. Decently priced, can bring your own food. Rating without our wine club experience factored in: 4/5. Rating with our wine club experience factored in: 2/5

Maggie Malick Wine Caves – Visited here in August 2015 after touring the Harper’s Ferry Battlefields. Incredible wines, live music  happening and fun tasting staff. We bought a bottle of the Garnacha to take home and we drank a glass of Albarino (his) and Garnacha (hers). Rating: 5/5

Magnolia Vineyards We stopped here on our way home from the incredible weekend we spent in Sperryville, VA for our one year anniversary. It was labor day but the vineyard was surprisingly quiet. This was great for us and everyone else was definitely missing out because their wine was wonderful. Magnolia is a relatively new (and small) vineyard but the winemaker was pouring for our tasting and that’s a win in my books. We had the opportunity to taste a few different vintages of the same wine and compare and ended up walking away with two bottles to take home. Rating: 5/5

Marterella Winery *UPDATE: It is with a heavy heart that we report Marterella has closed it’s doors. Feel free to read our previous review: “Here it is! Our favorite VA vineyard so far. We visited in mid-2014 (and again in 2015) and were stunned when we saw 2008 vintages on the tasting sheet. Most VA vineyards can’t afford to hold onto their wines for very long so they have to sell them before they’re truly ready to drink. Marterella somehow managed to hang onto their bottles for a few years, allowing them to age and grow into truly wonderful wines. I had a glass of the Meritage and Matt had a glass of their Chardonnay. Pricings are very reasonable, they sell small, brick-oven pizzas, have live music and dogs are allowed. Rating: 5/5″

Mediterranean Cellars – Our second stop after visiting the now closed Marterella Winery. We were pleasantly surprised since, from the outside, this place looks like an overgrown garden or storage area. Not the prettiest winery by any means but the staff were very nice and welcoming and the wines were surprisingly refreshing. They had older vintages, similar to their neighbors, Marterella. Bought a bottle of the Pinot Grigio to take home. Rating: 4/5

Miracle Valley Vineyard – We wrote a brief review of this vineyard on the blog but to be honest I didn’t take very thorough notes. Their wines were nice and they had mulled wine which was a nice treat after the cold and snowy hike we had just finished. The staff were very friendly and they were setting up for some live music when we left! Rating: 4/5

Naked Mountain Vineyards – This winery holds a special place in my heart (Kate) since it was the first one I ever visited in Virginia. We had a wonderful time and our taster was incredibly funny and entertaining. We bought a bottle of their Port style wine to take home and save for a snow day. Gorgeous views, as well. Would love to visit again. Rating: 4/5

Narmada Winery – We came here one weekend that we were staying at a B&B in Flint Hill, VA. Enjoyed their wines which were better than average but not great. Our taster was very inexperienced which was too bad as you know how much that can make or break a tasting. We bought a bottle to take home because we loved the label and, at the time, were thinking about incorporating VA wine bottles into our wedding decor (nixed that idea, by the way) but if it wasn’t for that we probably wouldn’t have bought anything to take home. Rating: 3/5

North Gate Vineyard – Visited here over Thanksgiving Break in 2014. It was a beautifully cold but sunny day and we were taken aback by the sun streaming through the massive floor-to-ceiling windows inside the gorgeous tasting room. The building is LEED certified and with a charming tasting staff, decent prices and wonderful wines we couldn’t have asked for a better visit. Rating: 5/5

Notaviva Vineyards – We have been to this winery three times, once on our own, once with friends from Ohio and once with Kate’s parents during Thanksgiving Break 2015 and this vineyard has never disappointed. The atmosphere at Notaviva is warm and inviting and you feel as though you’re hanging out in a friends living room…which you are! The owners actually live in the gorgeous log cabin where tastings are served. They frequently have live music since the entire idea behind Notaviva is to pair wine with music. Definitely a go-to vineyard for us. Rating: 5/5

Paradise Springs Winery – One of the closest vineyards to DC so expect it to always be busy. During peak season on the weekends it’s almost too much to handle and you will have to wait a very long time for a tasting. That being said, it’s worth a visit! We’ve been a few times but our favorite visit was the Friday after we were engaged. We sat on the patio listening to live music and danced the night away. People bring full picnics and hang out for hours on Friday nights. Their wines are consistently excellent but pricey, which is not surprising considering the proximity to the city. Rating: 4/5

Pearmund Cellars– We visited here on Memorial Day 2015 after camping in George Washington National Forest. We had high expectations since so many people had recommended this vineyard, and it lived up to all of them! Our taster was a recent graduate of the VA Tech viticulture program and was headed out to California for an internship with Gallo Vineyards. I had a glass of the Cab Franc and Matt had a glass of the Ameritage, both of which were excellent. They are known for their Chardonnay which is the only grape grown on property. Beautiful seating area out back. Rating: 5/5

Phillip Carter Winery – We came here with some friends after purchasing a Groupon for a tour and private tasting. We had such a fabulous time. The tour was informative, the wines were good and our taster was hilarious and entertaining. This was in the fall of 2013 so I would like to go back, as I didn’t take very good notes and don’t remember their wines as well as I wish. Rating: 4/5

Potomac Point Vineyard – Another vineyard that is close to DC and therefore expensive and overcrowded. The day we came every single room was booked with an event so there was nowhere for ‘walk-ins’ to sit and enjoy a glass of wine. Our taster was very distracted, impersonal and rushed us. We really liked one of the wines and each purchased a glass to enjoy but after receiving our wine we were told there was nowhere to sit. So we sat outside on the steps. Probably won’t be coming back here. Rating: 2/5

Rappahannock Cellars – This vineyard is another that holds a special place in our hearts as it was the wine we served at our wedding. We wanted to incorporate our passion for VA wines into our reception so we purchased all our cases through Rappahannock Cellars and drove them home to Ohio! We were members of their wine club for a few years and always had such a lovely time when we visited. The service is phenomenal, wines are good and we’ve enjoyed many memories here. Rating: 5/5

Quattro Goombas Winery – What a fun winery! This was the second stop on Kate’s bachelorette party and the entire group had a blast. The wines are decent but the atmosphere is great fun. The tastings are done inside a huge warehouse where they serve up massive Sicilian style pizza. Outside was additional seating as well as a fun pop up boutique trailer in case you’re interested in some boozy shopping (genius)! Perfect for large groups on a summer day. Rating: 5/5

Stone Tower Winery – Final stop on Kate’s bachelorette party so this review can’t be trusted. Just kidding! The wines were the best we had out of the three vineyards we visited that day however, they refused to give us a tasting. There were only six of us but they said they didn’t do tastings for groups larger than six. Which we weren’t larger than six…we were six….anyway! Frustrating but don’t worry, that didn’t stop us from having a great time. The winery is enormous with plenty of places to relax and enjoy the view. I would love to go back with Matt sometime. UPDATE! Matt and I managed to make it back here one weekend and we thoroughly enjoyed their wines however, this vineyard is definitely in the business of cracking out bottles and making large amounts of money. I personally enjoy the smaller craft vineyards. Rating: 3/5

Three Fox Vineyards – We wrote a detailed review of this vineyard on our blog but here’s the quick breakdown. Very small pours during the tasting, decently priced bottles and glasses, lots of outdoor seating but small indoor area so good for fair weather days, just opened a cigar lounge, friendly staff, bring your own food.  Rating: 4/5

Two Twisted Posts Winery – This was one of the more bizarre experiences we’ve had at a vineyard as it appeared that our taster was either drunk or stoned. The wines were pretty good and the prices were good but it was difficult to focus on the tasting since the woman pouring for us was clearly not in a normal state of mind. Not quite sure how to explain it so I’ll just leave it at that! She was friendly but just…yup. It was odd. They had cornhole out back, which was fun and their wines were surprisingly good. Doubt we’ll make it a point to come back, though. Rating: 3/5

Willowcroft Winery – This was one of my favorite visits to a vineyard. The tasting room is inside a (working) barn where, if you’re lucky, the 75 year old winemaker will pour for your tasting. In our case it was a young but extremely knowledgeable and experienced young man who was studying to be a sommelier. We brought our lunch with us but hadn’t eaten yet so we ducked in for a tasting, planning to enjoy a glass of wine with our lunch. Almost 2 hours and 13 wine tastings later we stumbled out of the barn where we relaxed outside for at least an hour, scarfing down our food until we were sober so we could drive home. It was a hilarious and unexpected experience but one that I will never forget. Their Seyval was incredible, by the way. We bought two bottles. Rating: 5/5

Winery at Bull Run – I’ve been here three times and have had a lovely time each visit. Their wines are consistently excellent and although it is close to DC, the prices aren’t as steep as other NOVA vineyards. My favorite part of the vineyard is the large outdoor seating area. Plenty of room for picnics, live music and cornhole. Rating: 5/5 

Winery at La Grange – We came to La Grange the day that I went to Urgent Care and found out I had a broken wrist. Obviously wine was needed after that. The wines were very good here albeit very expensive. It was a lovely fall day and there were plenty of Adirondack chairs outside to relax on. Our taster was very friendly at first but it seemed that after he found out we weren’t part of the wine club he wasn’t too interested in spending time with us. That was disappointing but we didn’t let it ruin our trip! Rating: 3/5

Veramar Vineyard – After spending the afternoon picking out and cutting down our favorite Christmas tree, a glass of wine was in order! We found ourselves at Veramar and each enjoyed a tasting. Our favorite was their dry Riesling however, most of their wines tasted young and could probably benefit from a year or so more in the bottle. The service was incredible and we had a beautiful view as well as a cozy setting indoors.  Rating: 3/5

Vint Hill WineryI’m surprised it took us so long to discover this winery since it’s only a short 45 minute drive from us but alas, we discovered it on Labor Day Weekend 2016. They were having a big labor day party and we got there right as it was wrapping up. They were kind enough to indulge is in a tasting and even let us hang out and enjoy a glass of wine afterward! The winery is tucked away behind a large subdivision and an industrial park so it was very different from the wide open mountain views we’re accustomed to however, I was pleasantly surprised! There was plenty of room for kids to run around and there was a great brewery next door, a few other shops and an awesome Cold War Museum that I would love to check out. Rating: 4/5


Afton Mountain Vineyards

Attimo Winery (now known as WhiteBarrel) – Came here Memorial Day weekend 2016 after backpacking through Grayson Highlands State Park in Southern VA. We were SO exhausted but couldn’t pass up the chance to try out a new-to-us vineyard on the way home. Their wine was delicious but what I remember most is the cuban sandwich. Easily the best I’ve ever had. Rating: 4/5

DuCard Vineyards

Jefferson Vineyards

Moss Vineyards – Came here Columbus Day weekend 2015 after camping in Charlottesville. The owner was our taster, which is always a treat. She was friendly and knowledgeable and we chatted for quite some time. We enjoyed their red wines better than the whites, except for the Viognier which was one of the best we’ve tasted. Rating: 4/5

Twin Oaks Tavern Winery – Unfortunately this is the only winery we’ve visited where we didn’t like any of their wines. Everything tasted like juice that had been sitting in plastic jugs for too long. The staff was friendly enough but nothing extraordinary. We didn’t stay for a glass and didn’t take anything home but we did take some lovely engagement photos on their grounds while we were there – the views are beautiful. Rating: 2/5

Stone Mountain Vineyards & Cottage – Easily the most amazing view of any winery we’ve visited. Be prepared for a long and tricky drive to get back to the vineyard. We visited here on Columbus Day weekend 2015 after camping in Charlottesville. Out taster was young and quiet but knowledgeable. Their wines were good but not great however, the atmosphere and view would be worth hanging out for a bit and enjoying a glass of wine. Rating: 4/5

Veritas Winery & Farmhouse


Gauthier Vineyards

New Kent Winery – Beautiful tasting room. Bought a bottle of the Port wine to take home. Enjoyed their Riesling which was dry and not too sweet. Rating: 4/5

Saude Creek Vineyards – Lovely view, nice wines and they serve pulled pork BBQ on the weekends! Rating: 4/5


Ingleside Vineyards & Lodging

Oak Crest Vineyard


Shenandoah Vineyards

Winery at Kindred Pointe– Visited this winery over Memorial Day 2014 and were unfortunately not impressed. The wines were okay and our taster had the personality of wet sawdust. I firmly believe that you shouldn’t base your opinion off of one visit somewhere (be it a hotel, restaurant, vineyard, etc) but with so many great vineyards to try in Virginia, it’s hard for me to want to spend the money a second time to visit a place I didn’t have a good experience at. If we’re in the area we might swing by to hopefully leave with a better taste in our mouth. Rating: 2/5

Wisteria Farm & Vineyard

Wolf Gap Vineyard & Winery – A small and quaint vineyard that we visited over Memorial Day weekend 2015 after camping at George Washington National Forest. The wines were nice and the staff were so welcoming and entertaining. Our taster called the Cab Franc her boyfriend because she took him home every night – ha! The view is beautiful and it was very quiet when we got there although it was filling up by the time we left. Rating: 4/5

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