Birthday Extravaganza

Birthday DinnerIMG_0926

A few weeks ago I celebrated my birthday. I haven’t had a chance to post about it because life has been hectic lately. Matt has been very busy at work for the past five or six months and we’re hoping that things will start to level out for him soon. I have been very busy with the job search. We don’t talk about work much on the site because this is our space away from the workplace however, it would be ignorant of us to pretend like it doesn’t affect our lives! We are both so fortunate to have secure jobs that we enjoy and that financially allow us to travel and drink wine – not to mention pay the rent! However, my job expires after a certain amount of time and that time is approaching in the next year so it’s time to start looking. As stressful as it’s been, (I’ll go more into how I’m handling that in another post) it’s a wonderful time to take stock of where I’m at, career-wise, and where I feel my skills would be most useful. I’ve been blessed to land a few interviews, casual informative meet-ups and job fairs. Forgive me for rambling but I promise this connects to my birthday…


On the Friday of my birthday weekend Matt took me out to one of my favorite restaurants, Rasika. They have the best Indian food and it’s always such a treat when we go. The service is impeccable and the food is so well prepared and flavorful. We had early reservations so after a wonderful dinner we wandered up toward the White House and grabbed a drink at the swankiest and most over-the-top bar we could think of, the P.O.V lounge on the rooftop of the W Hotel. We’ve been here twice before and always have such a great time. The people-watching is top notch and even though the cocktails will cost you half a paycheck, they are delicious.


Saturday was my actual birthday so we did what we do best and headed out on our bikes for an adventure! We were blessed with beautiful spring weather and the height of the cherry blossoms here in DC.


The crowds were so insane! I love all the tourists that come out and see the beautiful trees during the Cherry Blossom Festival – it makes me proud to live here. Thankfully, we knew of some quieter spots so we headed down to Hains Point for a delicious picnic that Matt prepared.


That night, Matt cooked an incredible meal – rack of lamb with roasted tomatoes and a pea puree, sautéed string beans and a homemade chocolate cherry mousse for dessert. HELLO. YUM.

After dinner we sat out on the patio and had a bonfire. It was the perfect way to end my birthday and a wonderful weekend with Matt. While we were relaxing Matt mentioned that this year was going to be ‘my year’ – as in, I would be blessed beyond measure, my job situation would work out as it should and God would provide for me, as He always has. Whenever Matt says something like this I always listen. Not just because he’s my husband and the spiritual leader of our family but also because he has a gift for speaking truth into existence. Wouldn’t you know it, two days later I was connected with a friend at a different organization that happened to be hiring, I had my interview two days after that and a week later I had a job offer sitting in front of me. Not only that but I had multiple other interests and interviews lined up as well! It was as if the skies opened up and blessings were raining down.

IMG_0967 copy

Sunday we celebrated Easter which was the perfect capstone to our amazing weekend and a great way to start the new week. Seeing as how exhausted we look in our Easter photo I think it’s safe to say this birthday weekend was a success! Cheers.


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