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I love New Years resolutions. I have read all sorts of articles and heard opinions from both sides of the playing field as to why you should or shouldn’t make them but, I love them and therefore continue to make them every year. Rarely do I reach all my goals but I don’t feel bad about that nor do I beat myself up over it. Instead, I’m grateful that I get to try again next year. Or, if my passions have changed or life has taken a different path, I simply lay those unmet resolutions down at the end of the year and don’t pick them back up.

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I thought it might be fun to share some of our resolutions with you, if you’re interested?

This year we broke up our resolutions into a few different categories: Body, Mind, Spirit, Finances, Marriage and Career. I’ll share a few of mine first…

  • Body: One unassisted pull up!

This one should be attainable. It should also be funny to follow along with.

  • Mind: Continue French studies.

Have you heard of the free app, Duolingo? Matt and I love it. We find it to be easy to use and it actually works. I studied French for 8 years (high school and college) and was in the National French Honor Society in college. It was hard to believe then and it’s even harder to believe now! I’m not sure who let me in that society. Foreign languages are not my thing. I struggle with them. The same side of your brain that processes math equations is the same side that processes and translates foreign languages – which makes sense because I also struggle with math. Nonetheless, I am determined to get back my conversational French fluency. I’ll keep you updated.

  • Spirit: Join a serving team.

We have been members of a local church for two years. Matt served as an usher for a while and I auditioned for the worship team. Although I was accepted onto the team, I decided not to join at the time. Since then I have not joined a serving team at our church but have felt led to do so for at the better part of a year. I will listen to that calling this year.

  • Finances: Be more involved with budget process.

Matt enjoys doing the budget. He’s a numbers guy and he feels comfortable taking the lead on this facet of our relationship. The problem is…I feel comfortable letting him! I feel so very strongly that it is important to share our duties and roles. We excel at this in almost every area except for the budget and meal planning. I enjoy meal planning so I typically sit down and do that once a week and Matt does the budget. I want to be more involved in the day-to-day budget and bill paying process. I have become far too comfortable and relaxed in this area.

  • Marriage: Continue gratitude journal.

Last year I started a gratitude journal. This consisted of jotting down a few words every day for things I was grateful for. I also made it a point to daily write down one thing I was grateful for regarding Matt. These ranged from, “I’m grateful that he makes me a romantic candlelit dinner and brings me flowers.” to, “I’m grateful that he flushes the toilet.” I mean, the little things count too, am I right?

  • Career: Update LinkedIn.

It could use some serious love. Like a professional profile picture and a job summary that didn’t consist of me copy and pasting my statement of work from the job announcement.

Now for Matt’s resolutions (read:goals)!

I always think it’s important to know where you’re headed before you start, so I like to plan a few goals every year to focus my efforts.  In previous years I’ve been pretty successful with meeting them.  Last year I read 17 books (goal was 12) and read through the entire Bible!

  • Body: 1000 miles running and 1000 miles cycling!

Go big or go home, right?  I have fallen off of my regular fitness regiment with the wedding and then the post-honeymoon blues, so this is geared towards kicking my butt back into shape.  The cycling will be easy however, I’ll have to work on the running as it works out to just under 20 miles per week.

  • Mind: Read 20 books.

I’m keeping a list of the ones that I read this year and will try to put up a post on some of the more interesting ones.  I usually try to split it pretty evenly between fiction and non-fiction.  For example, I finished my first on Friday and it was a James Bond thriller, Trigger Mortis by Anthony Horowitz, and now I’m reading one called Rust.

  • Spirit: Find a volunteer opportunity to participate in monthly.

In previous years I volunteered with a Scout troop and started a youth running club, but this year I’d like to find a way to get more involved in the community by giving back some time.  Whether this ends up being through our church or something else, I know it will be a valuable experience!  I would also like to take up journaling, as it pertains to devotional time (reading/reflecting on the Bible), and will try to do that once a week.

  • Finances: Buy a car and develop a plan to pay off the loan.

Kate and I both brought old cars into this marriage.  Now it’s time to get rid of the old and bring in the new.  We’re planning to buy a car early this year, and I have made it a resolution to make that happen and then come up with a plan to pay off the resulting loan, as we just used a large portion of our cash to pay off the remaining student debt that we had.

  • Marriage: Come up with 50 reasons why I’m grateful for Kate, and tell her!

I took a page out of my wife’s book here.  It’s a proven fact that by focusing on the positive in anything, your entire perspective then changes around it.  That’s so important in marriage and I think this is a great way to kick start my gratitude journey!

  • Career: Try out a new organizational method.

I’m a pretty organized guy, usually, but I would like to focus on trying out a new organizational method that might take me to the next level.  As I peak out in the journeyman phase of my career and continue on to becoming a first-line supervisor, I believe this will become more and more important.  I have a few other goals as well, like coming up with a firm 5-year career plan, and obtaining certifications at work.


We’ll post updates occasionally on how we’re doing on these resolutions for the year, and feel free to ask us how they’re going and hold us accountable!


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