Honeymoon in Italy (Part II)

continued from Part I

The next morning Matt and I were itching to get out and explore so we decided to hike to the town of Ravello.

Matt hiking

view from hike

Ravello is a beautiful town situated 365 meters (~1,200 feet) above sea level. Matt and I were staying at sea level so we had a steep climb ahead of us. I read online that the hike only takes 40 minutes, which seemed very fast for a 365 meter climb, so I thought maybe they were exaggerating. They were not! The hike is straight up. This makes it quick and efficient and also makes your quads scream bloody murder. The town of Ravello is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is known for being a tourist destination. The views from the hike did not disappoint. I have some pictures, if you’d like to see…

The small white house in the distance was our destination.

The small white house in the distance was our destination.

us on hike

hike home

almost home

When we reached Ravello we were starving! Instead of eating at a restaurant we decided to wander into the local grocery store and see what they had on hand.


We ended up with a simple and delicious lunch that we ate on a park bench and were treated with this as our view.

view from lunch

After lunch, we headed to the gardens at the Villa Cimbrone. I believe it was 7 euro each for us to enter. I personally did not find the gardens to be that spectacular (although the rose garden was beautiful) but the history of the gardens and the views were priceless. We also ran into two Americans whom I recognized from dinner the night before – turns out they were also staying in Atrani! We chatted with them for a bit before heading into the gardens.

villa cimbriano

view from gardens

the sea

After the gardens we headed back into Ravello for an aperitivoAfter the hike up we felt that a glass of prosecco was well deserved and provided us with some much needed fuel for the hike down.

drink after hike

P.S. Nothing makes me feel fancier than a glass of bubbly!

matt drinking from fountain

A quick sip of water from the local fountain

The only items left on our agenda for the day were some sunbathing at the beach and dinner that night!

matt at the beach



Our final day on the coast was spent exploring the beautiful island of Capri. We took a ferry there, which was an adventure in and of itself!



While I try and only focus on the positives of our honeymoon I think it’s worth mentioning that Capri was probably our least favorite adventure on the coast. That’s not to say that it was a negative experience, it certainly wasn’t, it just wasn’t our favorite. For starters, Capri is very tourist-y and expensive. The prices weren’t too shocking since we’re used to paying $10 for a glass of wine in DC but compared to the prices we had been paying throughout the rest of the Amalfi coast, the prices on Capri were sky high. There was also a strong aura of posh and wealth on the island – something else we hadn’t experienced yet in Italy!

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s see some of the wonderful things Capri does have to offer, shall we?


The Natural Bridge is an incredible rock formation that stretches across the sea. Unfortunately it was under repair while we were visiting so we weren’t able to get as close as you normally can but it was still stunning.

blue water

I will never cease to be amazed by the incredible rich blue color of the Mediterranean Sea. We were standing at the top of a cliff and you could still see all the way to the bottom of the water!

Natural Bridge

After we hiked to the Natural Bridge and had some lunch (read:wine) we headed down to the beach for some relaxation before the ferry took us back to Amalfi. I should mention that we tried to go to the famous Blue Grotto while in Capri but due to choppy waters, it was unfortunately closed.


The town of Positano, as seen from our ferry ride home.

The town of Positano, as seen from our ferry ride home.

Since the ferry dropped us off in Amalfi we decided to swing into the local grocer and pick up some items for dinner that night instead of eating out. I spent the majority of the honeymoon realizing how blessed I am to marry a man who is spontaneous and doesn’t mind sandy dinners on the beach.


We also stopped by a local ceramic shop and snagged a beautiful hand painted olive oil dispenser. Matt and I had been looking for some beautiful ceramics to take home with us but we were waiting until we found a piece that really jumped out at us. The Amalfi Coast is known for it’s numerous ceramic shops and warehouses so with all those hand painted and unique choices we certainly didn’t want to settle for a chinky run-of-the-mill piece from the souvenir store. We found a store we loved and instantly connected with the owner so buying something from him was an easy decision but he didn’t have any oil dispensers we liked. So we kept searching! Right when we were ready to give up and head home we stumbled upon a wonderful store off the main drag and found a lovely oil dispenser with a beautifully hand painted design and bright, golden hues. Upon inquiring from the shop owner we found out that the design was actually the same design painted on the Amalfi Cathedral!

church in amalfi

We knew we had found the piece that would remind us of our incredible time on the coast.

We arrived back in Atrani and had a late dinner on the beach with delicious paninis and wine in plastic cups. Our cups wouldn’t stay upright on the rocky beach so we used my shoes as cup holders. Life doesn’t get much better than this!


wine holders

After our romantic dinner we hit the hay. We had an early wake up call the next day as we were heading to Tuscany!


P.S. Our feeble attempt with our selfie stick in our hotel room.

Many more honeymoon adventures await you in Part III and Part IV…


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